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Terms & Conditions of Let for the Adelaides Auditorium


The following terms and conditions apply to the let of the auditorium and relative facilities at 209 Bath Street, Glasgow (“the Centre”) by Adelaide’s to the lessee: –

  1. The lessee undertakes and agrees that at all times during the course of the let the lessee: –
    • will be responsible for the proper conduct of the let and will arrange appropriate and adequate stewarding for the safety and comfort of those attending any concert or function in the Centre which the lessee has arranged or promoted in connection with the let
    • will take appropriate measures to prevent those using the Centre from gaining access to other parts of the building not included in the let
    • will leave the Centre at completion of the let promptly and timeously, in a clean, neat and tidy condition and will arrange for the removal of any rubbish and in the event of the lessee failing to fulfil this obligation, the lessee will reimburse Adelaide’s forthwith on demand for any costs or additional charge so incurred
    • ensure that prior to the event all stewards are made familiar with all emergency procedures including compliance with fire, health and safety regulations
    • any food preparation or provision arranged by the lessee complies with appropriate food handling regulations and the lessee agrees to indemnify Adelaide’s and to keep Adelaide’s indemnified against any loss or damage due to the lessee’s failure of compliance
    • Adelaide’s shall have no liability or responsibility for any acts or omissions of the lessee or those for whom the lessee is responsible
    • will report any damage of any sort caused to the Centre or any injury sustained by any person during the let to the responsible member of Adelaide’s staff and that prior to the lessee leaving the Premises.
    • will free and relieve Adelaide’s of the cost of reinstatement of any damage caused during the let
    • will arrange prior to the event and thereafter maintain throughout the let adequate public liability insurance and exhibit a certificate of the same to the management staff of Adelaide’s: any failure to comply with this obligation by the lessee shall entitle Adelaide’s to cancel the let. This insurance should cover all potential legal liabilities including death, permanent injury to third parties, damage to property arising out of their use of and activities in Adelaides.
    • will provide an adequate stewarding presence at the front door of the Centre to preserve the security of the Centre and the building in which it is situated when an event is in progress
    • will not put up posters in or around Adelaides without permission. This includes not putting posters up on street furniture in Glasgow City Centre.
  2. Adelaide’s will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of property brought to or left on the Centre during the let and the lessee undertakes to free and relieve Adelaide’s of any claims for loss or injury arising from the let..
  3. The Centre and the building of which it forms part have been declared a smoke free area and the lessee agrees to assist Adelaide’s in the observance of this ruling
  4. Access to all fire exits and all emergency escape routes in the building of which the Centre forms part must be kept clear and unimpeded at all times and the lessee’s attention is drawn to the Local Authority parking restrictions within the vicinity of the Centre. In the event of the Fire Alarm sounding it is the responsibility of the Hirer using the auditorium utilizing their own stewards to clear the auditorium, hallways and entranceways.
  5. Any cancellation of a booking of let of the Centre by the lessee may at the discretion of Adelaide’s be subject to payment by the lessee of cancellation charges as follows:
    • one month or less prior to the event -full cost of let
    • one to three months prior to the event – 50% of the cost of the let

    Cancellation of an event by Adelaide’s shall not incur any penalty except the return to the lessee of any deposit or advance booking monies paid. Adelaide’s expressly reserves the right to cancel or refuse any booking which in the absolute discretion of Adelaide’s appears to be at variance with the Christian principles espoused by Adelaide’s and that at any time prior to the commencement of the event.

  6. The recommended stewarding ratio for events in Adelaide’s is: –
    • Largely adult audience one steward to every fifty persons expected to attend
    • Young people’s audience one steward to every twenty-five persons expected to attend
    • Depending on the type of event Adelaide’s reserves the right to alter the above guidelines.
  7. For events at which more than one hundred persons are expected to attend the lessee shall provide a qualified First Aid attendant.
  8. If the lessee proposes to sell goods or merchandise in the Centre during the let, Adelaide’s reserves the right to levy a facility fee not exceeding £50
  9. Any requirement of the lessee relating to the layout of the auditorium including any seating arrangements shall require to be first agreed with the designated representative of Adelaide’s whose decision shall be final and binding on the lessee in any matter affecting safety or compliance with Adelaide’s statutory duties. Any unauthorised alteration to the layout of the auditorium including the seating arrangements shall oblige the lessee to indemnify Adelaide’s and to keep Adelaide’s indemnified against any loss or liability incurred by Adelaide’s as a result.
  10. The piano in the Centre shall not be moved except under the close supervision of Adelaide’s designated representative. The use of lit candles or other naked lights in the Centre is prohibited.
  11. The use of the PA system in the Centre is conditional on it being operated either by a member of the staff of Adelaide’s or by a person previously approved by Adelaide’s designated representative and Adelaide’s reserve the right to charge separately for such use. The settings of the PA system must not be altered except for the volume controls. The cost of repairing damage to the system or returning it to its previous state, by accident or misuse is the responsibility of the lessee.
  12. At events where music is involved and bearing in mind that Adelaide’s also contains a Guest House, the volume of music must at all times be at a reasonable level. The final decision on what is reasonable shall rest with Adelaide’s designated representative who has ultimate authority in this matter.
  13. All publicity for events should use the name “Adelaides”. Entry for most events will be from Pitt Street and this should be added to the publicity to differentiate from the postal address of 209 Bath Street. In addition if it has been arranged that refreshments are to be made available before and/after or during events it would be helpful if this is mentioned in the lessee’s publicity.
  14. Failure to abide by the agreed conditions of let may lead to termination of the lease at any time before or during an event by the authorised representative of Adelaide’s or to the imposition of an additional fee on the lessee for failure to vacate the Centre timeously on completion of the let. Time after 11pm is chargeable at double time rates.